Professional Services

CPM - Construction & Project Management

For  more  than  25  years, PERT-CPM’s  professionals  have  participated  and  influenced  in the success of multiple  and  complex  projects driven by time, cost, scope, risks and  contract  negotiations,  as  most  of  the  project's  of  today's  fast  paced  economy.

We  deliver  your  projects  with  one  thing  in  mind:

Achieving  the  maximum  value  for  your  investment  by  outperforming  the  goals  of  the  project  management  profession:  Delivering  projects  on  time,  on  budget, within  the  scope and  within  a  safe  environment,  from  inception  to  the  transition  to  the  final  customer.

The scope of the service includes:

Owner’s  Representative
Project  Feasibility  Study  and  Business  Case
Project  Permitting
Compliance  Management
Project  Management  Plan
Engineering  and  Constructability  Reviews
Scope  Management
Consulting  selection
Project  Scheduling  and  Resource  Scheduling
Budget  Estimating  and  Cost  Control
Project  Risk  Assessment  and  Control
Bid Assistance and Evaluation
Contract  administration
Quality  Planning  and  Quality  Control  from  Engineering  to  Close out
Earned Value Management
Safety  Management
Document  Management
Lessons  Learned,  Administrative  and  Technical Close out
Dispute Avoidance and Claims Mitigation
LEED Project Management
LEED Construction Management

Adequate  Transition  to  the  Final  Customer


Risk Development Assessment

PERT-CPM’s  unique  business  and  scientific  approach  becomes  very  effective  when  it  comes  to  identifying  and  analyzing  risks.  This  process  increases  the  potential  of  exploiting  Strengths  and  Opportunities  of  the  organization,  and  mitigates  or  diminishes  the  impact  of  the  threats  or  the  effects  of  the  organization’s  weaknesses  in  every  stage  of  the  project  life  cycle.  Risk  analysis  is  probably  the  most  complex  and  important  area  of  the  Project  Management  profession  simply  because  we  are  dealing  with  the  uncertain.

Our  ample  experience  and  proven  methodologies  assures: the  adequate  indentification  of  all  threats  (or  “known unknowns”); the correct  analysis  of their  level  of  impact  to  the  organization  and  project;  Uncover  potential  opportunities;  and  design  effective  responses   to accept,  avoid,  or  mitigate  risks.   Furthermore,  the  possibility  of  appearance  of  the “unknown  unknowns”  is  reduced,  and  more  conscious  decisions  can  be  taken. 

PERT-CPM  will  go  along  with  the  Developers  through  the  uncertainties,  continually  performing  a  comprehensive  and  detailed  risk  analysis ,  follow  up  and  control to  prevent    surprises  throughout  the  project  life  cycle.

The scope of the service includes:

Risk identification
Contract and Specification Requirements
Disaster Prevention and Relief Planning
Constructability Review
Sensitivity Analysis
Monte Carlo Simulation and Scenario Analysis
Modeling Risk Profiles
International risk evaluations
Cost escalation analysis
Risk Monitoring
Schedule & cost forecasting
Decision risk analysis

Project Control Services

PERT-CPM  acts  as  your  outsourced  project  and  inspection  control  office.  We  provide  specific  project  control  services  to  owners,  developers,  construction  managers,  lenders,  or  project  managers.   Throughout  the  life  cycle  of  your  project,  PERT-CPM  becomes  your  agent,  controlling  the  schedule,  costs,  quality,  and scope of work.

Specific services include:

Project  Control Office (PCO)
Lender’s Independent Project Control Office (LPCO)
Cost Management / Cost Control
Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling and Time and Cost Control
Quality Assurance / Quality Control
Safety Management
Contract Management and Administration
Compliance Management
Dispute Avoidance and Claims Mitigation
LEED Project Control


PERT1 – Project Evaluation Restructuring & Turnaround

Our PERT1 stands for "Project Evaluation, Restructuring and Turnaround (sm)". We provide project audit and turnaround services. We perform quick assessment and analysis of your project and we either ensure that it is achieving your goals or we provide the necessary corrective mechanisms to achieve the best possible outcome. PERT-CPM’s consultants have a proven track record of having successfully performed very complex turnarounds.

PERT1 services include:

Project  Management  Restructuring  (see  PERT2  below)
Owner’s  Representative
Lender’s  Independent  Engineer
Scope  Audit  and  Control
LEED  Project  Audits
Project  Review  and  Audit
Project  Start-Up  Acceleration
Project  Close-Out  Acceleration
Critical  Path  Method (CPM)  Acceleration  Schedules
CPM  Turnaround  Schedules
Earned  Value  implementation
Cost  Audits  and  Cost  Control
Project  Control  System  Evaluation
Quality  Assurance  /  Quality  Control
Productivity  Improvement  Analysis
Productivity  Impact  Evaluations
Change  Order  Analysis  and  Administration
Contract  Management  and  Administration
Defective  and  Deficient  Contract  Documents
Compliance  Management
Risk  Evaluation  and  Quantification
Safety  and  Damage  Assessments 
Construction  Defect  Evaluation
Assessment  of  Force  Majeure  Events
Dispute  Avoidance  and  Claims  Mitigation
Construction  Claim  Presentation  and  Negotiation
Schedule  Delay  Analysis
Disruption  Assessments
Acceleration  Claims  Analysis
Mediation,  Litigation  &  Arbitration  Support
Discovery  Support
Expert  Witness  Testimony

PERT2Program Evaluation Restructuring & Transfer

Our  PERT2  stands  for  “Program  Evaluation,  Restructuring,  and  Transfer (sm)”  where  PERT-CPM  will  assess  your  existing  Project  Management  methodology,  suggest  improvements,  and  develop  a  strategy  to  transfer  the  best  practices  to  your  organization.

Building  a  Program  /  Portfolio  /  Project  Management  Office  (PMO)  is  nowadays  the  most  cost  efficient  decision  companies  or  corporations  could  venture  into,  and  PERT-CPM  is  here  to  help  all  industries,  shoulder  to  shoulder,  to  implement  them.   A  PMO  will  advance  your  project  management  teams  in  all  knowledge  areas  of  Project  Management.  PERT-CPM  will  help  in  the  selection  of  project  management  information  systems,  developing   guidelines  and  procedures,  and  after  implementation  keeping track on the progresses  of   the  PMO,  as  well  as  mentoring  while  in  initial  operations  until  "flying  solo"  is  underway.  Depending  on  the  circumstances  and  your objectives,  you  may  simply  need  a  Project  Control  Office (PCO).   In  any  case,  we  will  assist  you  in  implementing  the  processes,  procedures  and  systems,  organization  restructuring,  and  knowledge  transfer  to  ensure  that  YOUR  BUSINESS  (and  therefore  your  projects  and  products)  become  YOUR  OWN  Project  Management  firm.  That  is  the  reason  we  proudly  and  effectively  offer:   PERT2  a  “Program  Evaluation,  Restructuring,  and  Transfer (sm)”  of  our  project  management  expertise  to  your  organization.

PERT2 services include:

                    Portfolio,  Program,  and  Project  Management  Audit  and  Consulting

Project  Management  Office  (PMO)  Implementation

Project  Control  Office  (PCO)  Implementation

Project  Management  Training  and  Transfer