Consultants' Professional Experience

Our Consultants

PERT-CPM brings together experienced professionals who have specialized knowledge and proven track records in the effective application of project management to a wide variety of industries and projects.  Our professionals bring over 25 years of experience in implementing successful project management solutions in different companies and projects.  We comprised a team of project management professionals, cost and schedule experts, construction, and project managers.

Energy & Infrastructure Projects

Laguna del Mar, Alliant Energy, Puerto Penasco, Mexico

160MW Gas Power Plant, Dynegy Inc, Aguaytia, Peru     -     96MW Thermal Power Plant , Dynegy, Inc., Panama

Oil Production Automation Project (PRAP), Excel-Tec, C.A., Venezuela

Prime Solutions Inc., Connecticut, USA United Iluminating, Connecticut, USA

280MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant (under development), Arizona (Typical CSP, photo: NREL)

Hotel & Resort Developments

Laguna del Mar, Alliant Energy, Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Hotel Hesperia Isla Margarita, Modulo Cinco, C.A., Margarita, Venezuela

Puerto Real, Modulo Cinco, C.A., Margarita, Venezuela

Dunes Hotel & Beach Resort, Modulo Cinco, C.A., Margarita, Venezuela

Barcelo Hippocampus Resort, Modulo Cinco, C.A., Margarita, Venezuela

Hotel Casas Del Sol, Modulo Cinco, C.A., Margarita, Venezuela     -     Hotel Confortel Tamarindo Guacuco, Modulo Cinco, C.A., Margarita, Venezuela

Canal Point, Arquitectura Beckoff, C.A. Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

Commercial & Office Developments

Torre Edicampo, Modulo Cinco, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela     -     Torre ING, Modulo Cinco, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela

Centro Comercial El Lago, Modulo Cinco, C.A., Maracaibo, Venezuela     -     Centro Comercial Las Palmas, Pert-Cpm, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela

Electricidad de Caracas, EDC, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela

Multifamily Residential Developments

Bosque D'Oro, Pert-Cpm, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela     -     Residencias La Cañada, Pert-Cpm, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela

Los Samanes, Pert-Cpm, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela     -     Altavila, Pert-Cpm, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela

Avilana, Pert-Cpm, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela     -     Avila Suites, Pert-Cpm, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela

Residencias Orinoco, Pert-Cpm, C.A., Caracas, Venezuela     -     Terrazas del Este, Modulo Cinco C.A., Caracas, Venezuela

Residencias Vistalago, Pert-Cpm C.A., Caracas, Venezuela